Richard Sussman, jazz pianist, composer, and professor at Manhattan School of Music, will be in Shanghai offering a series of classes at Face Art School on June 19-21. The classes will cover basic concepts of jazz and blues improvisation, and can be applied to any instrument, Western or Chinese. Students […]

6/19-21 world renown NY jazz pianist group improv workshop

1) Dr.Solomon Mikowsky –Piano Prefessor at Manhattan School of Music and Chicago College of Performing Arts. He known as “the world’s most popular art teacher” (–《piano》), and has a “magical ability to make artists of his piano students” (–《Daily Express》).He was Professor at the Manhattan School of music piano for […]

Visiting Faculty

Undergraduates admissions: Naodan Zhang, Junji Chen Master’s admissions: Wenshuai Zhang, Katherine Guo, Yv Liu All of the students joined in study abroad programs at FaceArt Institute of music have been admitted, continue to maintain 100% acceptance of FaceArt Institute of music! The majority of students are offered a scholarship, the […]

2015 admission List of the Boston Conservatory

Come join the inaugural Shanghai SuperCollider meet-up. This will be the first of a (hopefully) monthly gathering of people interested in learning about and using SuperCollider, a powerful programming language for music/audio creation, composition, performance, and much more. This month’s topic will be a general introduction to SuperCollider through live […]

Shanghai SuperCollider Meet-up: Thursday May 14, 2015

Cindy Cox博士飞思乐音乐会 2015.4.26 周日 晚7点 地址:飞思乐音乐学府 美国著名作曲家、 表演家和加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校音乐系教授Cindy Cox博士会来到上海飞思乐音乐学府, 并和柴琼妍jennyQchai钢琴博士联合演出。 报名热线:021-62499119.         上海音乐学院作曲系电子音乐中心EAMC电子音乐创作专题讲座 2015年4月24日,周五:10:00-11:00 地址:上海音乐学院教学大楼小音乐厅   主讲人:Cindy Cox 美国加州大学伯克利分校教授、音乐系主任 特邀嘉宾:柴琼妍 Jenny Q Chai 博士 亲年钢琴演奏家 主持人:周倩 Zhou Qian 翻译:刘祥焜 Liu Xiangkun 本项目得到“2014年中央财政支持地方高校发展专项资金教学实验平台建设项目”支持         Cindy Cox 东艺音乐会

Cindy Cox博士活动安排

Cindy Cox博士下周三会来到飞思乐,届时她将带来一系列的讲座和作品。特别值得一提的是大家都有机会和她预约一对一的作曲大师课哦! Cindy Cox (born 1961) is an American composer and performer, and Professor of Music. She holds a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from Texas Christian University, and her Masters and Doctorate in 1992 from Indiana University Bloomington in composition, where she studied with Harvey Sollberger, Donald Erb, Eugene O’Brien, and John Eaton. She has also studied with John Harbison at the Tanglewood Music Center, and Bernard Rands and Jacob Druckman at the Aspen Music Festival. As a pianist, she studied with the Mozart and Schubert specialist Lili Kraus. As of 2011, Cox is a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley.Her orchestrations have been described as “music that demonstrates an extremely refined and imaginative sense of instrumental color and texture,” “well-wrought,” and “not easily classifiable.” and as having “prismatic colors” that suggest “a hybrid of Olivier Messiaen and Carl Ruggles — an odd couple indeed.”Tim Page has described her Into the Wild as “a dark, fertile musical fantasy with some haunting and desolate chords.”Bay Area composer Cindy Cox’s work has been called “a delight to listen to” and “buoyant, puckish, rhythmically alive and crisply engaging” by San Francisco Chronicle critic Joshua Kosman. The University of California, Berkeley professor’s music is noted for its special tunings, harmonies, and textural colorations. She has received numerous awards, commissions, and the prestigious appointment of a Fellow at both the Tanglewood Music Center and Aspen Music Festivals. Her work has been performed throughout Europe, as well as Carnegie Hall, the National Gallery, the Kennedy Center, and by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

美国加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley)音乐系主任 Cindy Cox博士大师一对一作曲课招募