Dr. Jenny Q Chai’s performance at ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ in Pairs


Dr. Jenny Q Chai’s performance at ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ in Pairs.

Touring internationally since 2008, “Play Me, I’m Yours” is an artwork by artist Luke Jerram. Questioning the ownership and rules of public space Play Me, I’m Yours is a provocation, inviting the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment. Curated by Austin artist Johnny Walker, the project involved the installation of 14 upright pianos placed at strategic locations throughout the city. From April 1-May 1, 2011, fourteen pianos hit the streets of Austin, Texas as part of Art Week Austin hosted by Art Alliance Austin.

Located throughout downtown in public parks, streets and squares, the pianos were available for any member of the public to play. The pianos were also free for the public to decorate and personalize. The pianos featured formal and impromptu concerts by students, techies, musicians, tourists, children, lawyers, doctors, and artists. Who plays them and how long they remain is up to each community. Reaching over six million people worldwide – more than 1,200 pianos have already been installed in 43 cities across the globe, from New York to London, bearing the simple instruction ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’.

Awarded best public art piece of 2011 in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll.  2011 Austin Critics’ Table nominee under the category Work of Art: Independent or Public Project.