FaceArt Profile

FACEART is a high-end music training institute where world famous musicians gather in order to hone music lovers’ skills and give them confidence and inspiration.

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FaceArt Institute of Music is an officially recognized high-end education institute . The institute is organized by world famous musicians, pianist, and educators. Programs include one on one lessons, public lectures, and great recommendations to the world’s top music schools.

FaceArt’s vitality is supported by members of the best music schools around the world, such as Boston Conservatory, Roosevelt University and other colleges of music.

10 Reasons Why is FaceArt Special  

1) FaceArt consists of musicians from the most prestigious music institutions in the world, including the Curtis Institute of Music, Juilliard School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, NYU, Basil Music Conservatory, Cracow Music Academy and many others.

2) Musicians at FaceArt are expertise of Contemporary Music, Digital Music, as well as Classical Music.

3) FaceArt provides unique Musician and student pairing: Our students are free to sign up with any

teachers and however many teachers they wish.

4) FaceArt is not operated by semesters. New students can join any time.

5) All FaceArt students could choose their teachers by themselves.

6) FaceArt has direct contact with top piano professors and prestigious music institutions and universities


7) FaceArt has unique study abroad program that is customized to the needs of each students.

8)FaceArt does not have age restrictions for students regardless of their educational background. Anyone is welcome!

9) We have six beautiful private studios named and decorated after Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York,

London, and Shanghai

10) All our staff speak fluent English and Chinese and holds degree from prestigious institutions.

Address: Changping Rd. No. 868, Room218, JingAn, Shanghai