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FaceArt Institute of Music (FAIM) is a high-end music training institute where world famous musicians gather in order to hone music lovers’ skills and give them confidence and inspiration.

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FAIM is an officially recognized high-end education institute. The institute is founded by Curtis and Manhattan School of Music alumni, UC Berkeley piano faculty Dr. Jenny Q Chai and Juilliard alumni Piotr Tomasz. FAIM programs include one on one lessons, public lectures, and great recommendations to the world’s top music schools.

FAIM’s vitality is supported by members of the best music schools around the world, such as Juilliard School of Music, Curtis Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Boston Conservatory, Roosevelt University, Interlochen Arts High School, Walnut Hill Arts Hight School and other music institutions.

In the music education circle in Shanghai and even in China, FaceArt Institute of Music (FAIM) is a well-known trademark and has created the “FAIM phenomenon” that has been praised by the media.

Because the students of FAIM can sweep the major international and domestic competitions. nine years after creating the school, FAIM students won more than 100 competition awards.

In 2019, twelve students from Shanghai FAIM won the first prize at the Golden Classical Music Awards, held at the Carnegie Hall, one of the three major music halls in the world. In 2018, eleven FAIM students swept the Austrian Salzburg International Piano Competition and became the gold medal winners. In the same year, the Vienna International Music Competition Gold Awards were also won by mostly FAIM students. In 2016, a number of FAIM students won the first prizes of the American Protégé International Talented Piano Spring Competition, and the Diplomas of Professional Performance at ABRSM. In 2015, the Beethoven Art Prize and the highest score of the Emperor’s eighth grade were all won by FAIM students. They were frequently seen in various international competitions such as Hong Kong, Singapore,  New York, Salzburg, Rome and Vienna, and were even invited to the extraordinary Vienna Golden Hall show!

FAIM students have been accepted internationally by the most renowned music institutions. Participants who joined the FAIM Overseas Recommendation Program, maintained a 100% success rate.

In 2019, FAIM student Eric Wu was admitted to Interlochen Arts High School in the United States and received nearly 500,000RMB scholarships.

In 2018, 11-year-old FAIM student Jessie Xueyan Gong was admitted to the Juilliard School of Music, with the highest score.

There are countless examples of this: Since the founding of FAIM, more than 20 students have been admitted to the world-class music schools, some with a scholarship of nearly 1 million RMB.

FAIM students have been accepted by Juilliard School of Music, Eastman School of Music, Manhattan Conservatory of Music, Boston Conservatory of Music, Royal Northern Conservatory of Music, New York University, Chicago Academy of Performing Arts, British Chetham’s School of Music, Interlochen Arts High School, Walnut Hill Arts High School and more.

The “FAIM phenomenon” has become a commonly used vocabulary for Chinese media reporting on FAIM news. In recent years, press coverages include People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Guangming Daily, Shanghai Liberation Daily, Wenhui Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, Shanghai Education TV, and other mainstream media in Shanghai, as well as national news portals such as Tencent, Sina, Sohu, Netease, Iqiyi, Youku Video, etc.

In the same time, the media has noticed that the students of FAIM have always been happy. Unlike many others in China think that it is a chore to practice the piano, FAIM makes sure learning piano is a source of happiness for their students.

The “FAIM phenomenon” is also based on the “FAIM concept.” This idea is simple – “the value of music lies within the music itself.”

The whole team of FAIM faculty follow this pure philosophy. FAIM faculty are composed of world-renowned musicians, pianists and educators comes from the Curtis Institute of Music, the Juilliard School of Music, the Manhattan School of Music, the New York University School of Music, the Boston Conservatory of Music, Roosevelt University, and Krakow.

At FAIM, students can receive piano knowledge while playing the piano, and understand the meaning of music through music theory, music literature, composition and various lectures. Their piano world is not only about exams.

FAIM also creates professional stages for their students. Over the last 9 years, FAIM organises annual and bi-annual faculty and faculty-student concerts at world class concert halls such as the Shanghai Symphony and Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, allowing their students to be more experienced with performing and taking on the journey of becoming a performing artist. FAIM students can even have one on one lessons with the greatest music pedagogues in the world, as FAIM is supported by a big amount of international pedagogues as their visiting faculty, from the best music institutions in the world. FAIM lectures, workshops, festivals and music retreats give students the opportunity to be creative, to write for movies, electronics and world instruments.

FAIM is open to all ages and all levels of students. Let’s co-create together!

Address: Changping Rd. No. 868, Room211, JingAn, Shanghai